Connect instead of clash with your kids when it comes to food.

Table Talk is Stephanie’s term describing how parents/caregivers interact with kids around eating.

Stephanie conducts pioneering research and education on the effects of transforming Table Talk. Her mission is to help parents reduce stress and improve eating habits in your family. Join her Table Talk Revolution today!

What is a Table Talk Troupe?  A small group of parents and caregivers learning specific skills to nurture healthy eating and body positivity in kids.

Craving NEW tools to ease family meals? Learn how to coach healthy habits with a clear-cut plan and engage your kids with foods in a non-judgmental way. Up your confidence and skill set for managing meltdowns at the dinner table and uncover new ways to connect with your kids when it comes to food.

Table Talk Troupes are offered online from the comfort of your own home. Join a group today and reinvigorate your parenting around food.

Contact Stephanie to join an online Table Talk community. To start or join a Table Talk Troupe email Stephanie directly.

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