Start a Table Talk Troupe

Start a Table Talk Troupe Today!

It’s dinnertime after a long day.  You found the energy to make a home cooked meal but it’s being met with kid crafted contention.  Table Talk demands: “This is dinner so please focus on eating.”

Your preschooler just gobbled up her dinner without a fuss, veggies and all!  Table Talk triumphant declares: “Great job with your dinner – I’m proud of you for being such a healthy eater!”

It’s been a battle of wills at breakfast and the school bus is coming soon.  Table Talk trade-off mandates: “Just have two more bites and then you can be done.” 

Have you ever pondered how the words you speak to your child while they eat influence their eating behaviors?  Stephanie Meyers, MS, RDN conducts pioneering research and education on the effects of transforming Table Talk.  Her mission is to help you reduce stress and improve eating habits in your home.  Join her Table Talk Revolution Today!

Table Talk is a term Stephanie uses to describe the phrases parents/caregivers speak to children about their eating, while they are eating.

What is a Table-Talk Troupe?

A Table Talk Troupe is you and a small group of friends (6-10 people) actively learning about and implementing specific skills to nurture lifelong healthy eating habits in your children.

A Table Talk Troupe starts with a signature kick-off event.  It’s like an in-home trunk show, where the takeaway is a new paradigm for how to raise a healthy eater!  Stephanie leads a dynamic 90-minute session teaching her game-changing approach to help you improve healthy eating behaviors in your child.

Troupe members receive detailed instruction on specific coaching skills to foster healthy eating habits in their kids. You will leave this session with a clear-cut plan including: 1). Effective strategies to engage evolving eaters and 2). An astute ability to identify and transform your Table Talk.

Participants walk away empowered with Stephanie’s novel, self-reflective parenting tool for cultivating healthy eating.  Table Talk Troupe Members garner support for the pursuit of raising healthy eaters by sharing stories, perceptions and observations throughout!

Home Host a Table Talk event and reinvigorate your parenting at the plate!

To inquire about starting or joining a Table Talk Troupe, please email Stephanie directly.