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Eating Well in Challenging Times

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This 45-minute class has fresh content to help families manage eating in Coronavirus times.

Topics include: Simple meal and snack ideas for remote workers and homeschoolers, tips for parents worried about less exercise with sudden surge in screen time, how to managing picky eating (now that you’re around it all day long) and navigating new food shopping routines to optimize healthy eating on a budget.

Class size is limited to assure your individual questions get addressed.

Upon registration you’ll receive an email confirmation with a Zoom link and space to submit topics you’d like to address in this class.

Class meets weekly Mondays at 1:15pm.

Register for Eating Well in Challenging Times via Zoom

Sliding scale suggested donation of $10-20


Upon registration you’ll receive email confirmation with link to your class session.

Questions? Email Stephanie 

Information about community programs:

Stephanie offers a variety of small group nutrition workshops in and around the greater Boston area.

Nutrition Workshops are one-time meetings with a limited enrollment of 12 participants. This assures an opportunity to individualize the session to meet your needs. Join Stephanie for a dynamic group session and walk away empowered with a practical plan!

Please note, children are NOT permitted to attend nutrition classes.  This is so everyone in the room can participate fully with minimal distractions.  The ONLY exception is for postpartum nutrition classes where babies up to six months old may attend. Siblings of babies attending postpartum nutrition workshops are not permitted to attend.  Thank you for your kind attention to this request.

Want to attend in person but can’t make the date or time offered?  

Contact Stephanie directly to host a small group for you and your friends.  

See a class you’d like to attend but can’t make the date or time offered? Find six or more friends interested in the same topic and Stephanie can provide a private group nutrition class.  

All classes are presently being offered via Zoom.

These classes meet in someone’s private home, work place, or community gathering space. They can also be held at Families Eating Well (pending availability).

The host arranges a meeting location and generates a list of registrants. The bonus for organizing a private class is FREE registration for the host! One host designee per class. To arrange a home host nutrition class email Stephanie.

Community Nutrition Classes

Raising Healthy Eaters: 10 Key Lessons for Parents

Vegetarian Kids: Meeting kid’s growing needs with a plant based diet

Building a Better Lunch: A soup to nuts (and nut-free!) guide to making your kids lunches they will rave about!

Pregnancy Nutrition: Your nutrient needs pre-conception through all stages of gestation

Nourishing the New Mom: Postpartum nutrition (this class permits attendance of infants up to six months old)

Starting Solids: How to successfully introduce solid food for your 6-12 month old child

Toddler in training: Optimizing intake for your 1-2 year old child

Snack for Success: A practical guide for boosting energy and metabolism, improving mental acuity and eating less processed food on the go.

Eating for Healthy Aging

If you have a specific topic that you would like Stephanie to present in your office or personal community group, please contact Stephanie directly.