Cancer Care Services

Nutrition Counseling for those in cancer treatment and recovery.

Available for New and Follow-Up Clients (55 minute consultations) via phone or Telehealth.  

Stephanie assesses your current intake and offers individually tailored recommendations for modifying diet and lifestyle to promote cancer survivorship. Included in your visit are specific suggestions to reduce treatment-induced side effects and enhance recovery, Your questions are answered in detail, helping you separate fact from fiction when it comes to cancer and nutrition. Topics covered in a typical consults include: sugar and cancer, organic foods and what to do about soy, dairy and red meat. Stephanie’s intent is to empower you with tips, tools and recipe suggestions to implement practical goals immediately.

Friends and Family Nutrition Session: Guidance for the community support network of those in cancer treatment and recovery.

Stephanie offers “Friends and Family Community Nutrition Education Sessions” in person or online.  These 1-hour group sessions are designed to empower and educate the support network rallying around someone as they go through cancer treatment and recovery.  

When someone is diagnosed with cancer it can touch their entire community. One way people offer support is preparing home-cooked food. Communities organizing home-cooked meals deliver love, comfort and care, but sometimes there’s confusion about what’s best to cook?

The purpose of the “Friends and Family Community Nutrition Education Session” is to guide the social network supporting someone affected by cancer in the following areas:

  • Educate the mobilized meal train so it matches up with the nutritional needs and preferences of the patient and family. People are exceptionally grateful when an outpouring of support comes in the form of food, however, sometimes meals delivered don’t align with a patient’s nutrition needs.  For example, ravioli and a fresh batch of brownies is a generous gift, but not if a patient is trying to reduce intake of white flour and sugar. Similarly, those recovering from surgery or other treatments may be following a specialized eating plan.  Stephanie’s expertise in oncology nutrition assures your support network understands the precise nutritional needs and approaches that work for each individual patient.
  • Learn to be the best support team possible when it comes to offering nutrition advice. Friends and family are a motivated bunch, scouring books, articles and online resources—offering help with the best of intentions. But sometimes being on the receiving end of these tips can feel overwhelming for people trying to navigate cancer diagnosis and treatment. Stephanie guides friends and family with compassionate and sensitive practices for how to communicate nutrition ideas and resources they wish to share.
  • Educate your community about optimal nutrition and lifestyle factors at a time they may be increasingly aware of or inspired to improve their own behaviors.  A cancer diagnosis for a loved one can spark meaningful change in nutrition and lifestyle of those around them. On the flip side, it can also bring up fear and worry about which foods contribute to the risk of cancer. Stephanie spells out how and what to eat to minimize risk of cancer, allaying fears and reinvigorating the inherent joy of eating. Stephanie welcomes all questions and concerns, taking care to answer each from the depth of knowledge gathered in her twenty-plus years as an expert oncology nutritionist. This session is designed to help you get clear on cancer and nutrition risk and transform the impact of a loved one’s cancer diagnosis into actionable change in your own life.
  • Clarify confusion and disseminate evidence-based answers to commonly asked questions about nutrition and cancer. Stephanie helps patients, family members and support networks get on the same page about issues of concern to them, such as:

Is soy safe to eat? 

Do I need to buy organic? 

Can I have dairy and red meat? 

Does sugar feed cancer? 

Will a ketogenic, alkaline or macrobiotic diet help? 

Should I become vegetarian or vegan? 

What supplements should I include?

Which foods do I need to avoid?

Group sessions for friends and family members affected by a loved one’s cancer diagnosis are designed to meet the needs of each unique group.  Please feel free to contact Stephanie directly with your inquiry about nutrition and cancer care programming.

Does your cancer support group want a nutrition component? 

Stephanie provides nutrition sessions for cancer communities worldwide via Skype or Zoom facilitated webinars. These groups are highly specialized based on types of cancer and topics of interest.

Stephanie tailors each group class to your community’s needs. Email Stephanie directly to discuss nutrition and cancer related programming for your group.