Did you read the Boston Globe article: “The question no parent wants to hear: ‘What’s for dinner?’” 


If family mealtime has you stressed out start doing these three things today:

#1 – Forget planning meals for an entire year, just start with the next few days. 

Grab a piece of paper and jot down three meals you can make this week. Say to your kids: “I am taking suggestions for dinner.  What would you like to see on the menu this week?” 

Post the menu on the refrigerator door so everyone is aware of the plan.

If your family members have special nutritional needs or strong preferences, consider assigning each person one day to choose what’s for dinner. Honor that schedule regardless of whining.

When people start complaining about what’s for dinner, calmly say: “It’s Joey’s choice tonight. I know this isn’t the meal you picked. What would help it?”

#2 – Memorize these four words: “What would help it?”

This is a strategy I call the “Add-On” and it’s one antidote to dealing with dinnertime drama. Read my full article on how to implement the “Add-On” here.

The “Add-On” is one small portion of a condiment-like food kids can dip, squeeze, sprinkle or spread—and here’s the important part—to the food that’s already on the table. Unlike other suggestions for navigating food refusal in kids, the Add-On engages kids creative thinking to cope with what’s in front of them. It doesn’t mean they get a separate meal but offers them a little slice of power they’re hungry for at the table.  

# 3 – There is a way out of short order cooking or making different meals for different members of your family.

Step 1 is to not feel guilty for having tried to please all the people you love.

Step 2 is finding ONE tiny thing you can change to start moving away from this behavior.

Start by referring to the meal plan hanging on the fridge and say:

“I’m going to make one meal from now on, so we have more time to be together during dinner.”

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